Налайх дүүрэг


Nalaikh was the first industrialized zone in Mongolia and the first ever-state coal mining was established in 1922. Nalaikh is known as an industrial city. The Nalaikh city is located at a distance of 36 km from the Capital City Ulaanbaatar and a population is 37715. The total lobar force participation rate is the 69 percent of the population. In 2015 by the decision of the Ulaanbaatar Citizens Representatives (City Council-Khural) Nalaikh became the City.

Nalaikh city for the territorial development tends to become an important part of the area. Due to the accelerated development in 2030, the population of Nalaikh possible to grow up to 65 thousand people. Area city of 68 thousand square hectares and some of the areas are plenty of landmarks including Gorkhi Terelj National park, and Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is the most visited and closest tourism attraction place in Mongolia where infrastructure developed well. It receives approximately 30 thousand tourists each year. There are more than 130 entities operating tourism service in Nalaikh district.

Specifically, construction material manufactures are operating such as iron, brick and cement beyond there are also rapidly developing agricultural industries for consumer goods such as food industry, chicken farm, garment industry. Green house industry and livestock industry. Also, there is a wide range of producing common minerals like sand, gravel and coal.

One of the major advantages of Nalaikh district is transportation logistics. It is located on the east and the south intersection and roadways and railways cross through it vertically and horizontally.