Налайх дүүрэг


1.Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock, “Melkhii Khad”, is a surprising granitic formation, 24 meters (79 feet) high, whose form reminds of a turtle. Its old name was Mungut Khad.Located at the foothills of a mountain covered with pines, this rock is like a turtle-shaped. The legend states that Dzungar Mongo’sl leader Galdan Boshugtu khan hid all his treasures during the war with Manchu Troops in 1696. Since then it’s worshiped by the locals as the treasure rock bringing wealth to those who visit. There, it’s possible to rent horses and during the summer, you can also find souvenirs’ sellers. It’s a good starting point for a small walk (about one hour) that will lead you until the center of meditation of Aryaval or in the most remote places of the park.